GeoMate: AI-Powered HD Maps


Here at GeoMate, we’ve made it our mission to provide urban mobility professionals with a more accurate, more scalable and less expensive HD mapping solution to better serve their needs.

The GeoMate

We, at GeoMate, recognized there was a gap in the urban mobility market and saw the need for an accurate, scalable and affordable HD mapping solution.

Additionally, with the demand for enhanced safety and operational efficiency in the autonomous transit space growing increasingly apparent, we identified the need for an innovative approach to remedy this problem.

By leveraging groundbreaking technological advancements in AI, GeoMate is able to offer a unique solution.

The Need

Prior to the launch of GeoMate, the limitations of traditional mapping options were glaring.

Not only that, but the expensive price point associated with on-ground mapping techniques was restrictive and less than ideal.

By eliminating in-field work and utilizing the power of AI machine learning, GeoMate provides high efficiency HD maps at a low cost


During the inception and development of GeoMate, we faced a number of challenges along the way.

Certain technological hurdles were early sticking points, such as creating the proprietary AI and computer vision algorithms that accurately translate the captured imagery into precise mapping data.

In addition to the tech obstacles, the uphill battle of market penetration was a factor and although GeoMate HD mapping solutions are ultimately superior to previous methods, convincing stakeholders to switch from traditional mapping options did have its difficulties

Meet the GeoMate Founders

GeoMate Founders

Dr. Nastaran Saberi & Dr. Amin Gharebaghi &

GeoMate’s Co-Founder/CEO, Dr. Amin Gharebaghi, holds a PhD from the University of Laval, where he focused on urban accessibility, publishing four papers on the physical causes of inaccessibility. His research aims to improve digital mapping technology for users from all walks of life.

Dr. Nastaran Saberi, GeoMate’s Co-Founder/CTO, received her PhD from the University of Waterloo in 2019. As the lead for GeoMate’s technical team, Nastaran specializes in remote sensing, image recognition, and AI development, and has been with the company since its inception.


"Good partners have expertise, quality, and responsiveness. GeoMate has been an amazing partner for us. What they have built with the Impact Map and in collaboration with our team has been fantastic. This is a great platform and an outstanding team to work with and I look forward to what comes next."

Grayson Bass

Manager, SWR Innovation Lab Manager


GeoMate Leadership Team

Amin Gharebaghi Headshot.

Dr. Amin Gharebaghi

Co-founder & CEO

Nastaran Saberi Headshot.

Dr. Nastaran Saberi

Co-Founder & CTO

Mark Halpren



Merhnaz Fani

AI Lead

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