Location intelligence for better transportation.

Whether you’re implementing Smart City innovations, improving your community’s walkability or accessibility, or optimizing flexible and sustainable new transportation methods, GeoMate’s location data and analysis capabilities can help.

Planning for a Better Future

We provide detailed geometry & location data on road, sidewalk, and bike lane networks, as well as a full catalogue of vertical features (e.g., signage, lighting, etc.). 

Our datasets support innovation and smart technology, asset management, and city planning. 

Using Data for Good

GeoMate offers in-depth accessibility analysis based on sidewalk slope and width, public transit access, and lighting. 

We can also identify opportunities for efficient expansion of active transit infrastructure, in the form of bike lanes, walking paths, transit lines, and more.

Make it Multimodal

Our location datasets support flexible and sustainable micromobility, including e-scooter and bike sharing services. 

GeoMate bridges the gap between businesses and municipalities, ensuring safety for all community members. Our data aids in navigation and routing, as well as identifying appropriate areas of operation.


Have a particular project in mind? Wondering about cost? Eyeing a specific dataset?

Explore our frequently asked questions about smart, accessible, and walkable cities. 

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