Save Big on Safe Self-Driving

The only aerial vision HD maps for automated driving

Introducing Aerial Vision Maps

Reliable data you can trust

Our maps provide the layer of redundancy required for safe autonomous driving, as well as support for localization, planning, and control functions.

Game-changing cost savings

Save big without sacrificing safety. Our maps cost up to 80% less than lidar-based alternatives.

A streamlined solution

Ditch the fieldwork and get datasets & updates quicker. Plus, our customizable file formats integrate into your software stack seamlessly.

Lidar Maps: Slow Expensive Resource-Intensive

Aerial Vision Maps: Quick Low Cost Efficient

"We love GeoMate's data."

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Any Questions?

How does GeoMate make HD maps at such a low cost?

Can vision maps really support driving autonomy as well as lidar maps?

What makes GeoMate different from other map-makers?

Powering Safe & Reliable Automated Mobility

HD Maps for Autonomous Driving

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Remote Data Capture

Customers receive on-demand maps quickly and at a much lower cost than industry standards, thanks to our ability to collect data without being on location.

Simple & Streamlined

Our feature extraction process, powered by groundbreaking AI & computer vision technology, results in simple datasets that drastically reduce computational costs.

Our aerial vision mapping technology gives us the unique ability to create maps without venturing out into the field. Typical maps are created using lidar technology, which 

In both processes, manual quality assurance is conducted at various points to ensure the accuracy of the final product; HD maps produced through aerial vision mapping and lidar-based mapping are both detailed and accurate enough to support autonomous driving. 


See for Yourself

Need to see it to believe it? Great! We truly believe our data speaks for itself, so we can’t wait for you to try it out!