GeoMate's location intelligence is driving delivery innovation.

Unlock our unique location data to exceed your customers’ expectations for quick and painless delivery. Optimize delivery fleets, analyze logistics, and support autonomous delivery navigation with GeoMate’s urban mobility data. 

Screenshot of GeoMate's map interface, highlighting sidewalks and crosswalks.

Sidewalk Intelligence

Our location data gives delivery robots a clear and detailed map of sidewalk networks and crosswalks, complete with width, slope, curb cut, and road edge information.

Driveway Data

GeoMate provides location information for parking spaces and driveways, helping both traditional delivery fleets and autonomous delivery vehicles leverage location data to reduce delivery errors. 

Screenshot of GeoMate's routing interface.

Route Optimization

We provide up-to-date routing and navigation information so you can ensure accurate and efficient delivery. 

Seeing Beyond Sensors

Sensors are essential to autonomous operation, but they have their limitations. Use our scalable maps to operate safely in all weather conditions – even poor visibility.

Poor visibility on a city sidewalk due to fog and sunlight.


Questions about routing, navigation, and/or fleet optimization for your delivery services?

Explore our frequently asked questions about robot delivery and last-mile fleet optimization. 

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