The Ultimate HD Maps for Automated Driving

Maps that See the World as Well as You Do

We've Reinvented the Mapping Process

Created using highly efficient data inputs and cutting-edge feature extraction technology, GeoMate’s HD maps are the gold standard in autonomous driving.

Unique Datasets

Our machine vision & machine learning technology produces HD maps at revolutionary detail and scalability.

Cost Savings

We provide the most cost-efficient HD mapping solution on the market, saving you an average of 36%. 

Seamless Integration

Our maps are provided in fully customizable formats, so they can be easily integrated into any existing in-house mapping solution.

HD Maps for Autonomous Driving

Support localization, control, and path planning functions for autonomous vehicles (AV) or advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with our HD maps.

Major fortune-500 companies in the autonomous driving & delivery spaces trust our maps.

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