HD Maps for Autonomous Driving

Everything you need to power self-driving, all in one place.


Our maps contain every features that a self-driving car needs to know about, at centimeter-level accuracy.

This piece is fundamental for safe autonomous driving – HD maps provide a blueprint of the road network that camera & sensor data can be compared against.

Path Planning

The semantic & geometric information provided by HD maps allows for smart & efficient decision-making.

This gives your AV context for how to safely and efficiently navigate road & lane networks.


Our maps are accurate within 10 centimeters. AVs use the precise location of vertical and linear features to determine where they are in space and correct course as needed.


Our data can help with control algorithms, continually improving the safety and performance of your autonomous vehicles.

A screenshot of GeoMate's feature map platform with labeled datasets: road edge, lane marker, centre line, intersection curvature, sidewalk, stop line, entry line, traffic light, stop sign, park line.

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