GeoMate is driving the future of high-definition mapping

Optimize your automated driving systems with world-class geolocation data. Our precise, centimetre-specific HD maps can help you build and scale self-driving technology across all levels of automation, building consumer trust and driver safety along the way.

Screenshot of HD map interface with road edges, lane markers, centre lines, stop and entry lines, and park lines demarcated.

Enrich Your Data

Our maps provide comprehensive location data on a variety of features in the urban environment, including detailed geometric and semantic information on lane markers, crosswalks, curb cuts, park lines, road edges, and signage. 

Photo of cars on a road with poor visibility due to snow and fog.

Enhance Vehicle Safety

Reliable maps of the urban environment are critical to autonomous vehicle safety. Whether it’s operating in poor weather conditions, switching lanes, or entering an intersection, GeoMate’s mapping data can be used to ensure enhanced vehicle safety throughout the driving process – from localization to perception, path planning, and control. 

Photo of cars on a road with poor visibility due to snow and fog.

Scale Your Growth Globally

With our short mapping times, and simple, lightweight data integration, you can scale your autonomous driving solutions quickly and accelerate your business globally.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how accurate our maps are? How much they cost? How our technology will lend you a competitive edge?

Explore our frequently asked questions about maps for autonomous vehicles and autonomous driver assistance systems.

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