GeoMate: AI-Powered HD Maps

GeoMate Frequently Asked Questions

What makes GeoMate different than other map-makers?

GeoMate’s mapping process is fundamentally different than other map-makers, and the primary thing that sets us apart is the geospatial data inputs that provide the basis for our HD maps. Instead of using lidar, we use aerial imagery, which is much easier and less expensive to capture. Learn more about our mapping process

Are GeoMate's HD maps good enough to support autonomous driving?

Yes! In fact, there are fully autonomous vehicles powered by GeoMate’s HD maps operating in the real world today. Our HD maps are accurate within 10 cm, meeting the threshold for supporting driving autonomy, and they include all of the necessary geometric and semantic information for all linear (e.g., lane markers, road edges) and vertical features (e.g., stop signs, traffic lights). Want more specifics? Explore our HD maps or try out a sample one for free 

How does GeoMate make HD maps at such a low cost?

It’s all in the data inputs! We use drastically lower-cost geospatial data to begin with. Then, our highly advanced AI algorithms, based in computer vision technology, efficiently extract features from the built environment, which reduces computational costs. All in all, our HD maps cost up to 80% less than lidar-based alternatives. 

How much do GeoMate's maps cost?

Our maps are priced according to a variety of different factors: geographic coverage, level of detail, types of datasets, and licensing type. For a specific pricing proposal for your project, please get in touch with our team.

How long does the mapping process take?

For an average mid-sized city, we can typically complete data collection, analysis, and quality assurance in 7-10 business days. (And for the record: this level of scalability is revolutionary). 

What cities does GeoMate have mapped?

We are continuously expanding our coverage across North America and Europe. We are able to map most areas globally on-demand. If your organization is interested in mapping data for a particular city, please contact our team.

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