GeoMate: AI-Powered Mapping for Smart Mobility

Autonomous Delivery

Comprehensive & accurate maps for autonomous sidewalk robot operation.

Navigating the Last Mile

In a world built for cars, it’s difficult to find sidewalk data. GeoMate can extract any dataset needed, at an accurate enough scale, for fully autonomous operation on the sidewalk network.

With our maps, robots can successfully navigate the sidewalk network, confident in their final destination (i.e., a specific driveway) as well as the journey (e.g., through sidewalks & crosswalks).

Detailed Driveway Data

When it comes to delivery, you don’t want to be guessing when it comes to driveway locations. This difficult-to-find dataset is essential for accurate and efficient delivery, and GeoMate’s driveway location data is accurate within 10 cm.

The last mile of delivery is the most expensive; optimize your processes and costs with final destination data that you can trust.

Aerial imagery of a neighbourhood with driveway location data overlayed.

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