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Finding Success: The Importance of Customer Service in Mapping Services

In the evolving industry of mapping services, the importance of client success cannot be overstated. It is the backbone that supports the seamless delivery of data and ensures that clients receive not just HD maps and urban GIS datasets, but a tailored solution that fits their unique needs. Better Urban Mobility is only realized when dedicated urban planners work alongside committed mapping companies like GeoMate. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the significance of customer service in providing HD maps for Autonomous Driving and Urban Planning datasets while highlighting GeoMate’s standout approach as a shining example of commitment and flexibility.

Flexibility as a Core Value

At GeoMate, flexibility is not just a buzzword; it’s a core value embedded in every aspect of our customer service. One major aspect is the level of prioritization we provide to our clients. Meeting delivery deadlines is crucial, and we know that. We take pride in accommodating our clients’ requests to align with their specific timelines. Positive feedback from clients attests to our commitment to making their experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

In addition to prioritization, GeoMate also stands out by offering a plethora of choices with data formats. These can include Shapefile, Geojson, OSM, DWG, OpenDrive, LaneLet2, rrhd or even custom formats. This is a departure from competitors who often dictate their own formats or charge extra for custom data requests. Our belief in flexibility is a pillar of our business and it even extends to pricing models, where we offer customizable data packages and flexible payment plans to fit the budgets of cities and clients of all sizes. Furthermore, we address distinct geospatial needs by providing data in client-preferred datums, such as WGS84 or NAD83, and utilizing a range of map projection systems, including UTM, or even adapting to the client’s local coordinate system.

We believe a satisfied customer is an asset and prioritize mutually beneficial relationships designed to foster ongoing business. Unlike some mapping companies, GeoMate doesn’t charge clients for data they don’t want or need. The power is always in the client’s hands and our packages remain customizable. This ensures that our clients receive value for their investment without unnecessary costs, a practice that sets us apart in the industry.

A Helping Hand in Budget Planning

Taking flexibility to the next level, GeoMate introduces innovative licensing packages that consider the sometimes complicated budgets of cities and organizations. For instance, in addition to our already very affordable costs, we also provide the option of setting up payment plans over several years rather than requiring one hefty payment upfront. This allows cities to plan their budgets more effectively, making data acquisition a feasible and strategic investment for the future.

This commitment to flexibility is more than just a business strategy for GeoMate – it’s a philosophy that puts the client first. We believe that every city is different, and by being flexible, we can cater to the diverse needs of many, not just a select few.

Learning from Competitor Criticisms

In our experience, clients and prospects often express dissatisfaction with competitors in the mapping services industry that they’ve worked with in the past. One common criticism is the imposition of fees for sharing data within organizations or cities, creating financial burdens and hindering effective information exchange. Additionally, competitors tend to prioritize their processes over client needs, leading to frustration for those seeking tailored solutions.

In contrast, GeoMate’s customer service goes beyond mere satisfaction; it aims for collaboration and personalized solutions. A recent interaction with a major metropolitan city in the US revealed a competitor’s cumbersome process involving additional charges for data sharing. In this model, cities would be required to pay a ‘per user’ fee in order to share the purchased data between departments in their own municipalities. This city’s experience was marred by outdated and subpar data quality, manual corrections, and poor communication. This stands in stark contrast to GeoMate’s commitment to personalized and collaborative customer support.

Building Lasting Partnerships

What truly sets GeoMate apart is our highly personalized and collaborative approach to customer service. From the moment a client joins us, our team actively engages in resolving issues and ensuring a smooth onboarding process. Unlike some competitors, we don’t delegate customer success responsibilities to separate teams or overseas entities. Our clients work with the same dedicated individuals throughout the project lifecycle, fostering trust and consistency.

GeoMate understands that ongoing support is crucial for success. Our hands-on, integrated approach allows us to provide unparalleled support and build lasting partnerships with our clients. In a world where personalized service is often sacrificed for efficiency, GeoMate stands out as a beacon of customer-centric excellence in the mapping services industry.


Customer service is the cornerstone of success in the intricate landscape of mapping services. In an industry marked by diverse client needs and ever-evolving technological advancements, a commitment to flexibility, personalized solutions, and ongoing support becomes paramount.

GeoMate’s unwavering dedication to prioritizing the client shines as a shining example of excellence. By placing emphasis on collaborative relationships, transparent communication, and innovative solutions, GeoMate not only delivers HD maps and intricate GIS datasets but fosters enduring partnerships while doing so.

As we navigate the complex terrain of mapping services, let us recognize the pivotal role that customer service plays, with GeoMate leading the way in setting industry standards for client satisfaction and success.

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