The Most Comprehensive Maps of San Francisco Are Here

GeoMate is proud to share that we’ve developed the most comprehensive and scalable map of lovely San Francisco, California! 

San Francisco is one of America’s most picturesque and recognizable cities. It’s also a hotspot for technological innovation and development, with proximity to Silicon Valley. San Francisco’s progress-driven culture has allowed the area to become fertile ground for new methods of transportation. Built to ease the financial and environmental impact of modern living, revolutionary concepts like ridesharing and micro-mobility have made significant inroads. With the launch of robo-taxis and other autonomous vehicle services, the future looks even brighter. 

But as the transportation industry innovates, the mapping technology behind urban mobility has largely stalled. Traditional maps struggle to paint an accurate, complete picture. Comprehensive, higher-precision maps are expensive and time-consuming to build and maintain. 

It’s time that mapping caught up with the mobility technology that these maps support. With more efficient data inputs and cutting-edge AI, GeoMate has revolutionized the mapping process. With this technology upgrade, we’ve created the most comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-maintain map of San Francisco to date.

Not only do our maps deliver time- and cost-savings: we’re so confident in our data that we’ll let you try it out for free. 

What Makes Our San Francisco Map Different?

Traditionally speaking, HD maps that employ legacy solutions such as LiDAR are found to be costly, difficult to scale and time consuming to produce. For example, many mapping firms have relied on “survey vehicles” or on-the-ground mapping. This requires field deployment of existing vehicles on city streets to gather the necessary information. 

These issues have caused such an inconvenience that even innovative enterprises like Tesla have opted for easier, but demonstrably worse, solutions. This includes cheaper options, like camera-driven assistance. While sacrifices in mapping technology might lead to some savings, they also inevitably lead to further inefficiencies. Self-driving cars that don’t use HD maps pose a risk to consumer safety and product competitiveness. 

To combat this issue for community and industry, GeoMate’s maps are built using a combination of geospatial data and artificial intelligence. Using our machine learning process, we convert aerial imagery into the most comprehensive and feature-rich HD map at any scale. We extract linear and vertical features within larger road networks, creating a digital twin of the urban environment.  

Crosswalk & sidewalk network mapped in downtown San Francisco.

Innovation in Public Infrastructure

With a population of 815 000 and counting, of whom 32% regularly use public transit, San Francisco is a transportation innovation hub. Our map of San Francisco presents a unique opportunity for city planners to further improve the experience of both citizens and tourists. Using HD mapping processes, city planners can plan with precision for new and improved access to transit. This means that the steep, pronounced inclines that define San Francisco’s neighborhoods can remain a character trait of a beautiful city, rather than a barrier to commuters. 

Investments in stations for e-bikes, charging stations for electric vehicles, and new additions to bus lines can be accommodated with high accuracy to ensure that the impact per dollar spent is maximized. Transportation authorities can direct their budget to more equitable solutions that get everyone where they’re going. 

Innovation in Autonomous Vehicles

With an enormous tech industry presence, San Francisco has become a haven for autonomous vehicles and taxis. This allows consumers to experience the cutting-edge technology firsthand. Customers are often transported at a reduced price (or even for free!) compared to traditional options. These AVs represent the future of tourism, tech and transport all in one. 

That said, there are still some inefficiencies to work out in the technology – particularly when it comes to navigation. In order to see the road ahead, these vehicles require advance input of data. Using HD maps, vehicles can predict the location of various factors including signage, road markers and curb cuts with maximum accuracy, allowing for safe transport of goods and passengers from point A to point B. 

With the steep peaks and rapid slopes of the San Francisco landscape, driverless vehicles need all the help they can get. As a result, we have tailored our HD mapping process to be uniquely scalable to any vehicle in any environment. In the innovation capital of America, a cutting-edge vehicle should be given no less than cutting-edge intelligence on operating areas. 

San Francisco Map: Calling All Innovators!

Silicon Valley is the tech capital of the United States, with San Francisco serving as its most fertile testing ground. With such an uncompromising thirst for progress, mapping solutions for community and industry should be at a much higher standard than legacy solutions can offer. 

It’s time to support the most innovative transportation technologies with the most innovative maps of the most innovative city.

Experience our superior map of San Francisco for yourself. 

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