Our Mission

To make the world accessible and walkable for everyone.

Mapping of Accessibility & Safety for Innovative Cities

GeoMate is a mapping service that uses AI to analyze near real-time accessibility and safety of cities. GeoMate provides safer local travel for everyone traveling by foot or wheelchair.

Automated Data Extraction

  • GeoMate automatically extracts data about sidewalks and their problems using AI. This allows us to scale our services to multiple cities rapidly and accurately.


  • We are using the most-recent geospatial datasets to analyze cities walkway accessibility and safety for everyone near real time.


  • Our key advantage is the ability to bring multi-scale geospatial data sources together and provide a final product with a high level of AI accuracy.

AccessMate: Automated Accessibility Mapping Platform

Despite massive efforts towards inclusive public transit, improved walkways, and smart city infrastructure, getting around is still incredibly difficult as well as dangerous for the average individual struggling with mobility challenges. AccessMate uses a computer vision and AI algorithm on multi-scale geospatial datasets to detect walkways problems and to determine the accessibility level of each segment of sidewalks in a city.


InsureMate: Pedestrian Collision Risk Assessment Platform

The increase in pedestrian fatalities, and the alarming levels of walkway user-vehicle collisions are causes for concern. Such accidents are a major expense for insurers, and a tragedy for urban communities across North America. InsureMate uses AI applied on multiple data sources to provide an automated, near real-time evaluation of vehicle – pedestrian collision risk .

Collaborators and Supporters

GeoMate was born out of a collaborative effort with various organizations to provide the best solution for the customers.

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